Thursday, 13 August 2015

New workshop

Last summer I moved to dorset and of course wanted to carry on with woodwork so I built a workshop.

Here you can see the walls are made from an old shed and has a traditional round timber frame the roof has a pond liner as in the spring I am going to put a green grass roof on to help with insulation and to make it look more pleasing to the eye.

Here you can see the frame a bit better the poles are cedar and they are from an estate 9 of them 12' in total and all man handled by two through a field to a lay by luckily one of the neighbours kindly help with his pick up truck.
The windows are double glazed, double walled and has full electrics two lathes workbench and a sofa with fold down bench.

The workshop is fully equipped to run courses and will be making a wood burner and new forge soon.
The workshop was a joy to make and if it wasn't for the snow would of been completed in just two weeks

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