Friday, 2 March 2012

Food holdy devicy thingies

I have been turning bowls now for 9 months at shows and at Sean's workshop but recently due to my new workshop I try a turn at least 7 bowls a week if I don't have a project I have been experimenting with different sized hooks and shapes aswell as different woods with different moisture levels.

I made my own lathe using logs and bits of hazel from a local woodland not ideal as it is slightly rotten but work a treat and really stable and can take a lot of force.

I have about 10 hook tools of course each one is unique and suited for different tasks these ones I use for roughing and finishing and two below are for undercutting the core and for goblets they are made from a recycled car coil springs and are forged and heat treated by myself.

I have turned bowls and plates and goblets aswell as other spindle items. Woods I have tried are oak, beech, cherry, ash, birch, yew, damsine, hazel green mellowed and dry. Obviously green wood is a lot easier to turn but I find the finish is not quite there were as dry wood is very hard and time consuming but finish is great and also the bowl doesn't warp but at the end of the day mellow wood is easy to turn good finish and quick so this is my preferred option.

Here are a few bowls some are for sale and I welcome commissions please email me at

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