Monday, 13 June 2011

My first bowls

Sean has got me addicted to bowl turning now the shows have started I have been helping out turning bowls at shows and I must say it is so relaxing I did turn a bowl a month ago out of beech I am happy with it although the finish is not good with the tear out but it has not split and does hold food.

Today I finished my first hook tool for turning I brought a cold chisel from trago for pennies. At home I forged it using my 2 brick gas forge I made at 1 of Sean's courses. Sorry the photos are not clear but I put the bevels on the outside.

Soon I will be making more hook tools as I turn more bowls and I will do a review on them.

This is my first bowl have carved I got given an ash burr and I have kept the natural shape on the out side. The inside I carved with and adze and hook knife but it was hard as this was a seasoned bit of ash but I finished it and gave it to my mum for mothers day.

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  1. Well done lad! Keep it up, more you do the better you'll get.