Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My First Pole Lathe Mess

My amazing boss Sean Hellman lent me one of his spare pole lathe i have been making various things and practicing and have most probably spending all of my free time treadling awy and after Christmas i received a set of Ashley Iles pole lathe tools which i will do a reveiw on later in the year.

I made my first dibber which works well but is too short i must say the beading is a bit crude so am currently practicing beading's ready for log to leg race at bodgers ball.

This is my first cup and ball i am really pleased with the finish and shape i made and finished it green and wished i prepared it waited for it to season then finish it but hay we learn from our mistakes. I burnished it with a spare bit of sting giving it a nice sheen. I took this to college and everyone doing the course and the adults were all playing with it and everyone complained it is to hard but i made the bowl to shallow on purpose for that reason.

The ash i used for these two projects was from local sawmill which i must say after reading various posts on bodger forum, my experience of ash does back up the fact that fast grown ash is much harder split and cut than slow grown ash the ash used is about 2 rings per inch.

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